Homaj School Ondo

Seconday School


Homaj offers a stimulating secondary school program aimed to challenge students and develop in each child an awareness of his or her individual gifts and talents. As a citadel of academic excellence, our teaching staff provides a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum designed for students with average to above-average academic ability. Students have varieties of courses to choose from and are equipped with resources to achieve our goal of academic excellence.


The goal of the Honors Program is to develop a higher level of academic, social, and community oriented thinking among Honors students through informational, social, and service events. A Valedictorian is chosen from one of these Honors students to give a speech during graduation.
Honors students are expected to :

  1. Work Independently
  2. Perform Extensive Research
  3. Posses Good Studying Habits
  4. Have Good Time Management Skills


Although not honors students, they will be expected to perform above the average standards.
Emphasis will be placed on development of critical thinking skills,

  1.  More Guidance from teacher
  2. Provide enough knowledge for higher education